OutDrive.ca 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Review – A Family Express to More Interesting Parenting

OutDrive.ca‘s Neil Johnston pretends like he might be a family man and writes a review of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport… “In the canyon turns the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, a huge dreadnaught-class piece of American muscle and swank, is making gains on the motorcycle ahead. Here, I conclude that this performance SUV will never grace the cover of better parenting magazines – this is family hauling weaponized.”
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Ford Focus ST Review on OutDrive.ca – An Insensibly Good Thug

Our sister site OutDrive.ca reviews the 2013 Ford Focus ST, “I like to imagine that during the Focus ST’s design Ford hired a consultant representative of Europe’s ST Nation, whose job was to sit sullenly in the corner, and threaten violence every time an engineer muttered “sensible” or “practical”. The result is something brilliant.”
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