BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo Review – Niche Transcendent

We are headed off from Vancouver for what I’ve jokingly dubbed “The Private Sun Peaks Unofficial Gay Ski Week”, which is about as niche a market as it gets. Equally niche, if you believe the reviews, is the car we’ve chosen for the drive – BMW’s 535i xDrive Gran Turismo. There are a few important points to that wordy name, but, right now, thundering the fastback through the wintry hills and hairpins on all-season tires, the most pertinent is the xDrive.
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2009 BMW 128i – The Object of My Compression

Consider the following; narcotics sold by the gram, LSD sitting on a small stamp of paper, and carbon masses compacted to tiny shimmering diamonds. It seems incongruous that North America has lauded massive displacements and huge footprints for so long. Clearly the good comes in small packages. That brings us to the BMW 128i, which unexpectedly (given its stature) it’s not a simpler, lighter, smaller BMW, but a grownup beemer condensed to gold-like density.

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