2008 Audi TT Coupe – TT? No, Tee-Hee

First displayed as a concept at the 1995 Frankfurt Auto Show, the original Audi TT traded heavily on its looks. Self-obsessed as an ouroboros, the TT attracted graphic designers, architects, and Bret Easton Ellis fans like stylish iron filings to a magnet. Unfortunately, reviewers coveted the outgoing car’s driving experience as much as syphilis. For 2008 Audi has wisely chosen the extreme makeover path for the new TT, and while the Apple Macbook Air set may be disappointed, the rest of us will be rejoicing.

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2008 Audi Q7 – The Trojan XL Package

Let’s get it out of the way; at OutDrive we’re as convinced by performance SUVs as the Pope is of gay marriage. If you need to carry loads, then you want a truck. If you need to carry kids, then look to the station wagon or, gasp, minivans, to fill the gap. Need performance on the school run – and who doesn’t? There’s the sport-wagon. Unlike the Pope, however, we’re willing to give it all a try, and bearing the heavy burden of convincing us is Audi’s 2008 Q7.

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2007 Audi S8 – The Gentleman's Express… Fortified

Here’s a switch, at one of Vancouver’s most premium French restaurants, Le Gavroche, Kevin and I are arguing over who gets to drive rather than who gets to drink. Somehow I suffer through a $140.00 bottle of wine, but it’s a sacrifice. Sitting out front is a truly premium gentleman’s expresses, the 2007 Audi S8, a car that forces such hard choices.

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