OutDrive.ca 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Review – A Family Express to More Interesting Parenting

OutDrive.ca‘s Neil Johnston pretends like he might be a family man and writes a review of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport… “In the canyon turns the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, a huge dreadnaught-class piece of American muscle and swank, is making gains on the motorcycle ahead. Here, I conclude that this performance SUV will never grace the cover of better parenting magazines – this is family hauling weaponized.”
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Ford Focus ST Review on OutDrive.ca – An Insensibly Good Thug

Our sister site OutDrive.ca reviews the 2013 Ford Focus ST, “I like to imagine that during the Focus ST’s design Ford hired a consultant representative of Europe’s ST Nation, whose job was to sit sullenly in the corner, and threaten violence every time an engineer muttered “sensible” or “practical”. The result is something brilliant.”
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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara – Back Country All Access Pass

As the Jeep Wrangler churns its way up the incline of a quad trail, its nose is pointed skyward, I can’t see the “road” in front of the vehicle over the hood, and I’m not entirely sure what’s on the other side of the rise. This is a point where your faith in the Jeep’s four wheel drive, and the Wrangler Unlimited’s inherent indestructibility. The psychological distance from roaming around town roofless in the sun is massive, as the Jeep drives home that it is an all access pass to the back country.

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BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo Review – Niche Transcendent

We are headed off from Vancouver for what I’ve jokingly dubbed “The Private Sun Peaks Unofficial Gay Ski Week”, which is about as niche a market as it gets. Equally niche, if you believe the reviews, is the car we’ve chosen for the drive – BMW’s 535i xDrive Gran Turismo. There are a few important points to that wordy name, but, right now, thundering the fastback through the wintry hills and hairpins on all-season tires, the most pertinent is the xDrive.
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