Miracle Weight Loss Plan: Lose 45 pounds by DMS

1_TGHjCdZpuAVEFom1BHYWGwI’ve become a huge fan of this miracle of modern weight loss. Well, actually, I’m a much less huge fan. I’m down 45 pounds from peak huge-fan-ness, and I have one thing to thank for it really, DMS, or doing more shit.

I try to do some kind of exercise shit once a day. I don’t always succeed, but I try. It’s pretty simple, and easy to maintain. No, really. The incredible secret of this plan, is a simple set of behavioural cues that trigger doing more shit.

About to put that bon-bon in your mouth? Participate in bon-bon tossing. Those guys fighting in the back alley are going to be overjoyed at a rain of Ferrero Rocher, for sure. Eating less shit, helps you do a lot more shit.

Looking at Facebook on the phone after getting out of bed? You can do that and do some morning stretching shit. Doing shit, is not mutually exclusive with doing other shit. An hour long blank scrolling through the stream, at about 1.5 minutes stretch per side (assuming you’re part of the bilaterally symmetrical majority) doesn’t just perk up the metabolism; it sets you up for doing more shit, and with a lot lower risk of injury.

Admittedly, you’ve got to find shit to do that speaks you, but there’s a lot of shit you are out of the box built to do. Shit that doesn’t require a ton of stuff either. Walking is good, it’s like the shit that is the natural precursor to hiking. They are really closely related, it’s just one involves better views and less pavement. My current favourite shit to do is mountain running, which is like hiking, but involves shuffling along a bit faster.

Here’s one more miracle of this plan, you don’t even have to be good at doing shit, to do more of it. Another, is you get better at it. By the time you do 10,000 hours of some shit, well… No, there’s still going to be some guy or gal who’s like a superstar of doing that shit. They will still blow your doors off, they are freaking gazelles and you may still be a Gnu. That doesn’t matter though, the rewards of doing shit are intrinsic… It’s a joy to do, you know, once you get into it. Well, that and weight loss.

Even, better, as you do more shit, you are more and more capable of doing other shit. You can do oceanside shit more easily, for example. Have you tried SUPing? You stand on a giant board, paddle with another board, all on top of the water! The son of a gawd was up for that walking on water shit, though he probably fell in less. He probably did a lot of it though. So his proprioception and balance improved, like yours will. He must have has an incredible core, that likely helped him do good shit. There’s mountains of mountain shit to do to. I’m a big fan of those, because no matter what the photos look epic and your friends will want to come do that shit with you. I mean, if bagging peaks is your shit. If it’s not that’s cool, really, it’s ok to try a bunch of shit to find the shit that works for you.

That’s super valuable, because I’m 100% sure there’s science out there that says doing shit is a lot better for you that not. It burns calories. You can use it to make yourself better, or the world! It improves your state of mind. And, it’s a lot more fun that not doing or giving a shit.

Yep, this is the stuff I think of on long runs. You know, when you review the latest round of diets in your head, and decide it’s probably better to just do some shit. Plus, I really felt like using the word shit a lot in a piece.


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