Salomon XT Wings 3 Trail Runners Reviewed

The Salomon XT Wings 3 Trail Runners ticked all my boxes, especially given they offered motion control. That’s a rare feature in a trail runner, and being a 210lbs overpronator it’s nice to have the option.

The grip on trail, breathability and comfort are great. Though, on that last point the stability plates can feel intrusive and lead to blistering as the shoes wear in. The uppers also seem to be fairly weather resistant in comparison to most runners, and here on the “wet coast” that’s an added bonus.

One thing to note, especially if you’re a bit on the oafish side, is that you should really tuck the kevlar laces up into the tongue pockets. The laces are durable… in a snag, stop you dead and toppling face plant into the mud sort of way. Entertaining for all, I assure you.

The durability has been an issue though. Here we are, just over a month and a half into ownership, and there’s been only a few miles put on the shoes due to business travel. The rear sole however is pulling away from the EVA, which seems premature for light-use. That factor considerably diminishes the value offered in the Salomon XT Wings 3 Trail, especially given the premium technical runner price point.


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